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Wedding Music Central

For the Memories of a Lifetime

Wedding Music Central founders Gloria and Barbara

At Wedding Music Central you’ll find wedding songs that feel as if they were written just for you, along with elegant classical ceremony music favorites.

We offer the only complete line of original wedding songs and wedding ceremony music written and produced by Grammy & Emmy Award-winning hit writers & artists especially for weddings. Our music is widely available for downloading and streaming, and available to purchase right here on our website!

Emmy award winning songwriters for wedding songs

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Wedding music needs met!

"As a DJ, it is essential that I get at least the majority of requested music to meet the needs of upcoming brides & grooms. This certainly is one site that can be depended upon." - James S.

Angel in My Arms

"I love the lyrics. It was a song played for the daughter and Dad dance at a quinceañera. Not a dry eye in the house. Play it loud. Perfect for a wedding father-daugther dance." - A.G.

Friends Are Quiet Angels

"Send it to all your friends, it really lets them know how much you value them. I really love it and have listen to it many times since I got it." - Marilyn M.

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