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Wedding Music Planning 101

If you're wondering how you'll ever find time for the thousand things there are to do before you get to "...and they lived happily ever after...", we want you to know that wherever you are with your wedding music planning, we're here to help you create the wedding soundtrack (and the wedding) of your dreams.

Wedding music experts Gloria Sklerov & Barbara Rothstein have helped thousands of brides and grooms save precious time and avoid mistakes.

Take this opportunity to receive step-by-step guidance...FREE!

  • Make a wish list...
    Believe it or not, visualizing your dream wedding is one of the most important parts of your planning. Everything starts with an idea...whether it's a home, a vacation or your wedding. The clearer your vision, the easier you'll find the process of making it a reality. At the beginning, it's important to allow yourself time to explore your own personal preferences and consider lots of different options. Remember, this is a creative process, so let your ideas flow.
  • Think of your wedding as a film...
    The best directed films come alive only after the composer adds the right musical score. Like the soundtrack of a film, your music will be the greatest single influence on the emotions and pacing of your wedding.
  • Pretend you're the director...
    Your music will be the soundtrack of your wedding. Like an exciting and romantic film, a great wedding has an interesting and meaningful opening with dramatic moments that build to an exciting climax and a satisfying ending. You can learn the basics and what each 'scene' of your wedding will need by listening to samples of wedding music as you visualize the important moments of your wedding here: "What to Play & When to Play it" Take a musical tour through the 'scenes' of a wedding.
  • Stay organized...
    Keep a small notebook handy just for your wedding music planning. Start a list of wedding music ideas. Keep a record of songs you would consider using for each 'scene' of your wedding. Jot down titles of songs you like wherever and whenever you think of them or hear them... at the movies, on the radio or TV, or at other weddings and parties. Write down everything. To make it totally easy, we have made available our complete wedding music guide and planner, "HOW TO SET YOUR WEDDING TO MUSIC". This tutorial is a complete wedding music resource, featuring an exclusive foolproof system with customized planning sheets designed to guide you and keep you organized every step of the way. You'll create a fabulous music program for your wedding...whether you're planning it on your own, or hiring a band or DJ...whether it's in your backyard, or a ballroom.

First Things First - Getting Started

Most people agree that great weddings are the ones where everyone has a great time. But great weddings don't just 'happen'...They're carefully planned and created. Your flowers, the setting, a gorgeous gown... all these will make your wedding look beautiful. But it's the music that'll make your wedding feel beautiful.

Music is the most powerful way to create excitement and set the tone and mood of special moments. The right music at the right time will add the emotion and the 'good time factor' that'll make your wedding memorable.

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