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Special Tribute Songs

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Special Tribute Songs

Are you searching for the perfect tribute song to play at your wedding for a step-mother, step-father, mentor, special friends or family members?

Our music can be downloaded here and is also widely available for downloading  or streaming through Amazon, iTunes/ Apple Music or your favorite Music platform. Simply search for WeddingMusicCentral and our song titles.

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I'm Blessed to Call You Mother daughter to stepmother song for weddings

I'm Blessed to Call You Mother

From a Daughter to Her Stepmother

One of our most personal Mother Daughter Songs, this unique song was especially written for a stepmother of the bride for a very special tribute and a never-to-be-forgotten moment of your wedding.

Song Sample:

I'm Blessed To Call You Mother
00:00 / 01:27
When I needed you most song for wedding reception special tribute song

When I Needed You Most

From a Daughter to Her Stepmother

From a Daughter to Her Stepfather

Song for a Mentor or Special Person

Celebrate a special relationship of love and gratitude with a song in tribute to a stepparent, mentor, or other special person in your life. This beautiful song is also suitable for a tribute to each other on your wedding day.

Song Sample:

When I Needed You Most
00:00 / 01:24
Mentor anchor
Friends are Quiet Angels wedding reception tribute song for friends and wedding party

Friends Are Quiet Angels

A perfect friendship song

The Friendship Song is a great personal tribute to friendship, and a wonderful way to let your friends know they have a unique and special place in your heart and that your friendship is forever.

Song Sample:

Friends Are Quiet Angels
00:00 / 01:33
Friend anchor
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