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Songwriters Gloria Sklreov and Barbara Rothstein

Gloria Sklerov and Barbara Rothstein teamed up in 1999 to produce their first wedding music CD, “Set Your Wedding to Music” and co-author the popular companion book, “How to Set your Wedding to Music (The Complete Wedding Music Guide and Planner)”. Together, they have created a selection of wedding songs written especially for special moments and highlights of a wedding, featuring father daughter songs, mother son songs, mother daughter songs and even songs for stepparents, mentors and friends. Their original arrangements of classic wedding music favorites have added a great touch of contemporary elegance to thousands and thousands of weddings all over the world.

Gloria Sklerov

Gloria Sklerov is a multi Emmy Award-winning songwriter / producer with 5 Emmy nominations, has won two Emmy Awards for songs featured as wedding themes on “The Guiding Light” and “Another World”. She has received many BMI and ASCAP Awards for radio airplay of over one million ‘plays’ per song in addition to having over 50 million record sales of her songs.

In addition to seven #1 International hits and 15 chart records in the U.S., her songs have been performed worldwide in motion pictures and on television and have been recorded by such superstars as Frank Sinatra, Cher, Dionne Warwick, Peggy Lee, Kenny Rogers and many others. Anne Murray’s release of Gloria’s song, “I Just fall in Love Again” was recognized as Billboard’s # 1 Country Song of the Year, adding to the long list of her successes. The song has become a favorite wedding standard.

Her work has been consistently used for character themes and featured performances in wedding scenes in various episodes of soap operas, giving her music a widely based audience of fans and followers among daytime televisions viewers.

Woman songwriter, Emmy award-winning songwriter

Barbara Rothstein

Business woman, songwriter

Barbara Rothstein left a successful law practice to follow her love of music and songwriting. As a recipient of a number of prestigious songwriting awards, her songs have been recorded by numerous pop, R & B artists in Europe, Japan and the United States.


She has TV and film credits spanning many genres, from love songs, pop rock, to songs penned for the hit children’s film, “Barney…The Movie’, proving her range and talent for composing special material.

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