How to Set Your Wedding to Music

This planning Audio Book, has the narration that will show you how to create special emotional highlights that make a wedding memorable. The surest path to the magical wedding you always

Great Weddings Take Great Planning

Wedding professionals know that the right music at the right time can…

  • unite all your friends and family
  • capture your personality and style
  • heighten the emotion of each special moment

Now top wedding music experts show you how to unlock the power of music for your wedding.

Make Yours A Great Wedding…

Creating a magical experience takes more than just choosing your favorite songs. How you use your music selections makes all the difference.

Learn what to do & what not to do for your taste – your budget…you’ll .find out everything you need to know about bands/DJs, contracts & locations… exciting new ideas, planning tips & so much more. With “How To Set Your Wedding To Music”…

You’ll Discover How To…

  • Plan an exciting program with or without a band or DJ… even days before the wedding…
  • Know what to play and when to play it to enhance the emotional impact of the processional, first dance, father/daughter, mother/son dances, and other special moments
  • Find and hire the right band/DJ for you… know how to work with them to create exactly the wedding you want
  • Create the wedding music program of your dreams on any budget… for a backyard or a ballroom
  • Build excitement, fun and emotion from the minute your first guest arrives to the very last dance… have your guests involved and entertained every moment

If you’re having music at your wedding, (and please don’t have a wedding without it!) “How To Set Your Wedding To Music” is the one book you must have. Every page is easy-to-read, easy-to-understand and easy-to-use, insuring a musically perfect wedding for you and your guests.

We decided to make this unique planning system available to all brides and grooms so you won’t have to leave the most emotional part of your wedding to chance.

Other Features

  • Worksheets specially designed to lead you step-by-step through a simple, well-tested music planning process
  • Extensive listings of the best, most popular and traditional wedding songs categorized for each part of the wedding… from prelude to last dance
  • Sample music programs and budgeting options
  • Helpful time-saving recommendations, planning tips and much, much more.

A few tips from “How To Set Your Wedding To Music”

“Find out which special songs were played at the weddings of your family and friends for their first dance, and then play those songs at different times during your reception. This never fails to bring them to the dance floor as they relive the emotions of their own weddings…”

“A wedding is even more beautiful when you extend thoughtfulness and care to others and you can do that through your musical selections. Not everyone is a part of a couple. Single, widowed and divorced guests appreciate group dances that allow them to participate. Make sure you provide dances/events for singles as well as quieter music to allow conversation for those who are not ‘into’ dancing all night”.

“A wedding guest list almost always includes family of all generations. It’s important to consider the elderly for whom even slightly loud music can be uncomfortable. Make sure they’re seated well away from speakers.”

A Great Gift!

Because some of the most important planning with DJs and bandleaders takes place a week or two before the wedding, it’s never too late for “How To Set Your Wedding To Music”. It’s also a great engagement or shower gift that every other bride and groom you know would love to have as well.