Every Mother’s Dream

FROM A MOTHER TO HER DAUGHTER - One of those rare mother daughter songs that captures what every mother would like her daughter to know. As mothers of daughters, we feel especially close to this heartfelt wedding song because we had our own daughters in mind

To Be A Woman

FROM A DAUGHTER TO HER MOTHER: "TO BE A WOMAN" is one of the most unique mother daughter songs. Perfect for a mutual celebration of your mother daughter relationship, it's also a great tribute to your mother. What better her to honor her at your

I’m Blessed to Call You Mother

FROM A DAUGHTER TO HER STEPMOTHER -One of our most personal Mother Daughter Songs - "I'm Blessed to Call You Mother" - is a rare mother daughter song for a stepmother from a daughter for a special never-to-be-forgotten

When I Needed You Most

Celebrating a unique relationship of love and a tribute to a stepparent, mentor, or other special person in your life (even each other for a first dance tribute) on your wedding day. (Vocals: Kimaya Steward) Featured on CD1 "Set Your Wedding to Music" & Featured on