Friends are Quiet Angels (Wedding Day)

The Friendship Poem, set to music, a perfect tribute to friendship on your wedding day and a beautiful gift for your Bridesmaids and Maid of

It Happens In A Heartbeat

From a Mother to her SonCan you believe you're listening to MOTHER SON WEDDING SONGS?  Only yesterday he was that little guy in first grade! "IT HAPPENS IN A HEARTBEAT", one of our newest mother son wedding songs and written especially for this mother son moment, will

The Man You’ve Become

FROM A MOTHER TO HER SONBig wheels, hot wheels, little trucks and cars... suddenly it's his wedding day. Are there words? Maybe not. But there's a Mother son wedding song. As you dance to one of our most popular Mother Son Wedding Songs, he'll know what's

Every Mother’s Dream

FROM A MOTHER TO HER DAUGHTER - One of those rare mother daughter songs that captures what every mother would like her daughter to know. As mothers of daughters, we feel especially close to this heartfelt wedding song because we had our own daughters in mind

Angel In My Arms

A WEDDING SONG FROM A FATHER TO HIS DAUGHTER - Of all our father daughter wedding songs this song has become most popular. As you listen to this special Father Daughter wedding song, imagine dancing with 'the angel in your arms' on her

You’re My Hero

A WEDDING SONG FROM A DAUGHTER TO HER FATHER - One of those rare father daughter wedding songs expressing a daughter's love for Dad. You'll re-connect somewhere between 5 and forever as you dance to one of our most heartfelt father daughter wedding songs...he'll know how much

My Little Girl

A WEDDING SONG FROM A FATHER TO HIS DAUGHTER -Capture love in a father daughter wedding song - bring back the sweetest memories of your little girl's childhood as you dance to this special father daughter wedding song... for a father daughter moment you'll always

Thank You For Your Gift Of Love

A wedding thank you song for your last dance Also available as a "Personalized 'Thank

Chapel of Love

Perfect for cake cutting and recessional Featured on CD1 "Set Your Wedding to Music" Also available as a "Personalized 'Save The Date'

Yours, Mine, & Ours (Duet)

"It's true", she said. "You're marrying his family too!" Suddenly I knew this was huge. Somehow, my mom is always the first to understand the deeper significance of things. It takes me a while to 'get it'... but of course she was right. Our families

When Forever Is Over

This emotional song pledges love till the end of time and beyond. This is a perfect wedding song for the first dance at your reception or as a Unity Candle song. Written by multiple-Emmy-winning writers A.J. Gundell and Gloria

What Love Has Done

A great first dance wedding song choice as a tribute to that one special person (an Emmy winning song) Featured on CD1 "Set Your Wedding to

Until I Was Loved By You

A great first dance wedding song choice as a tribute to that one special person (an Emmy winning song) Featured on CD1 "Set Your Wedding to


A great first dance wedding song classic Featured on CD1 "Set Your Wedding to

Two Hearts, One Love

As Featured in "Another World" Featured on CD1 "Set Your Wedding to

The Best Day Of My Life (Duet)

The first day of the rest of your life together is the Best Day. What better title for a wedding song? This new love song was written by hit writer Winston Sela, Rich Chudakoff and Ian

Not All Angels Have Wings

Isn't it a thrill to know you've found your angel here on Earth? A love song that will let the world know is perfect for your wedding reception. Written by hit writers Gloria Sklerov and Kim

Lean On My Love (Duet)

For your wedding reception, here's a special song acknowledging that two hearts are stronger than one; that together, you can overcome anything. This love song was written by George Elian and Barbara

If This Isn’t Love

This Emmy-Nominated song is an emotional expression of how you feel when you know it's love. Perfect for wedding receptions. Written by hit writers Steve Dorff and Gloria

It Is Enough

If you believe that love is all you need to see you through the ups and downs of life together, this song just might be right for your wedding. Written by hit writers Gloria Sklerov, Jim Stewart and Dwayna

Forgive Me For Dreaming

Someone once said that if you dream hard enough, your love will last forever. This beautiful wedding reception song says it all. Written by hit writers Kevin Savigar and Gloria

Dreaming With My Eyes Wide Open

If you're still pinching yourself at finding so much happiness, here's one of those unique wedding reception songs that seconds that emotion. By hit writers Gloria Sklerov and Jim

Coming Home

There are too few celebrations in our lives...but this is a day for an emotional splurge. This is one of the most perfect sand ceremony or unity candle songs for celebrating love...and the fact that out of all the people in this world, you found each

Anywhere You Go

Now that you know for sure that wherever life takes you, you'll go there together, this wedding song could be for you. It's also a great choice for your Unity Candle ceremony. Written by hit writer Gordon Pogoda and Tom

Before I’ll Stop Loving You

Happiness is looking into your soulmate's eyes on your wedding day and dancing to a song that says, "You can stop a river flowing, stop the wind from blowing, long before I'll stop loving you." Written by Anthony Little and Barbara

Sunrise, Sunset (Fiddler on the Roof)

This contemporary version in 4/4 time is great for a Family

In Your Eyes

FROM A SON TO HIS MOTHER -She was your biggest fan, until now of course. Even so, seeing her light up whenever you're around... knowing that you'll always be #1 in her eyes feels great. This is one of those mother son wedding songs that says

Because You Loved Me

A heartfelt choice for first dance or parent dance Featured on CD1 "Set Your Wedding to

To Be A Woman

FROM A DAUGHTER TO HER MOTHER: "TO BE A WOMAN" is one of the most unique mother daughter songs. Perfect for a mutual celebration of your mother daughter relationship, it's also a great tribute to your mother. What better her to honor her at your

I’m Blessed to Call You Mother

FROM A DAUGHTER TO HER STEPMOTHER -One of our most personal Mother Daughter Songs - "I'm Blessed to Call You Mother" - is a rare mother daughter song for a stepmother from a daughter for a special never-to-be-forgotten

When I Needed You Most

Celebrating a unique relationship of love and a tribute to a stepparent, mentor, or other special person in your life (even each other for a first dance tribute) on your wedding day. (Vocals: Kimaya Steward) Featured on CD1 "Set Your Wedding to Music" & Featured on