Tips for a Magical D.I.Y. Wedding Music Plan

A New Approach

There is a new, powerful unity candle tradition growing in popularity – one that goes beyond the wedding ceremony. A Reception unity candle lighting ceremony allows more family members to be recognized and warmly acknowledged, especially children.

Here are two different formats for Candle Lighting Ceremonies at the reception:

Picture a special Unity Candle displayed on a beautifully decorated table. At one point during the reception, perhaps during a dinner course break, the lights are dimmed and a special candle is lighted at each table in the room. The bride and groom light their own unity candle at the special table. One at a time, each child or family member to be honored is called up to receive a tapered candle to light from the unity candle. When every family member to be honored has a lighted candle in hand, a special song, such as “Yours, Mine & Ours (CD3)” can be played while all the guests form a circle of love around the family.

Another variation is to have a candelabrum with an unlit candle in place for each family member. As the lights are dimmed, the bride and groom light a tapered candle, the ‘master’ candle, and then pass it one by one to each family member who lights one special candle on the candelabra. When all the candles are lit, the newly united family can gather around the candelabra as “Yours Mine And Ours (CD3)” is played. Here too, the guests can be part of it by forming a circle of love around the family. Or, the family can all dance with one another and invite the guests to the dance floor as well.

“Yours Mine And Ours (CD3)” is also a wonderful gift to make available for couples to give to each member of their family along with a beautiful celebratory candle or set of candles in honor of their place in the family.

Lighting the unity candle is one of the most beautiful and meaningful traditions of the wedding ceremony. Recently, it’s been expanded to include more family members as its popularity and significance grows. More brides and grooms than ever are searching for the perfect unity candle song.

Second Marriages:


25 % of the 5 million plus brides and grooms who marry each year are entering their second marriage. Even under the best of circumstances, this can be an emotionally difficult time for children who may be involved. Parents, in their concern, search for ways to make their children, and other family members, feel they are a welcome and important part of your new blended family.

It was with your hopes in mind, as well as the heartfelt emotions of all of us who yearn for family unity that “YOURS MINE AND OURS” was written. The song honors the profound truth that we are not alone as we go through the passages of life. There are others loved by each of you whom you will want to recognize and welcome into your new union. For more information on getting re-married visit