You’re My Hero (Quinceañera Version)

From a Daughter to Her Father - Birthday EditionA FREE DOWNLOAD of "YOU'RE MY HERO" for your father daughter dance is yours to enjoy now.... and forever... when you buy the Personalized CD Keepsake as a gift for your Dad on your

Every Mother’s Dream (Quinceañera Version)

"EVERY MOTHER'S DREAM" Quinceañera Version (From a Mother to her Daughter)One of those rare mother daughter songs that captures what every mother would like her daughter to know...a song to let your daughter know how treasured she is - that she's Every Mother's

Angel In My Arms (Quinceañera Version)

One of our Newest Quinceanera Songs- From a Father to His Daughter.As you listen to one of our original Quinceanera Songs and imagine yourself dancing with 'the angel in your arms on her Quinceañera day' you'll have a sense of the wonderful celebration to