Outdoor weddings are definitely on the rise, but even if you’re not having one or attending one, the summer is still one of the most romantic seasons to spend with your sweetheart. Imagine those warm summer nights, basking in the ambiance of the sun setting as you lay with your sweetheart on a hammock, softly swinging side to side. And what would make that moment even more romantic? (Other than a bottle of vintage Chardonnay,ahem)…Music, of course! Adding music to your summer scene will definitely enhance your occasions and make them more memorable.

Below are songs that we think are perfect to add to your summer playlist for your wedding or just to have playing in the background on those special summer nights with your love. Take a listen and let us know which one is your favorite by adding a comment!

If You Do – “Here with friends and family all around.” Great for those warm summer nights, surrounded by all those you love. Also works as a great pop song for your wedding ceremony, written by Grammy-winning songwriters.

Anywhere You Go – “I come alive, when I look in your eyes, and see what my future will hold.” Commitment in love is apparent right from the first strum of the guitar to the chorus. Also can be used as a Unity Candle ceremony song or wedding reception song.

If This Isn’t Love – “It must be fate, that brought you to me that night.” This Emmy-nominated song is perfect to celebrate the miracle of finding one another, while watching the summer sunset with your sweetheart. Also great for wedding receptions.

Happy Summer!

Barbara and Gloria ♥