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Wedding Dance Songs

Every Mother's Dream

FROM A MOTHER TO HER DAUGHTER - One of those rare mother daughter songs that captures what every mother would like her daughter to know. As mothers of daughters, we feel especially close to this heartfelt wedding song because we had our own daughters in mind when ...
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It's every mother's dream
To have a little girl
And the moment I first held you
All was right with my world

From teddy bears to Barbie dolls
Skinned knees to sweet sixteen
You've always been my girl
Through ups and downs and in between

Now here you are...
A vision of the dream that's coming true
Here you are...
A woman, still the little girl I knew
And as the years all come and go
I pray that you'll be blessed to know
How much it means
To have a daughter just like you...

You're every mother's dream

It's every mother's dream
To know her daughter's found her way
I could never count the wishes
That I've made for you each day

The first time that you smiled for me
I saw your special light
I always knew you'd make me proud
And darling I was right


© 2006 MusiConcepts. ® All rights reserved.


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I'm Blessed to Call You Mother

FROM A DAUGHTER TO HER STEPMOTHER -One of our most personal Mother Daughter Songs - "I'm Blessed to Call You Mother" - is a rare mother daughter song for a stepmother from a daughter for a special never-to-be-forgotten moment.  
To Be A Woman

FROM A DAUGHTER TO HER MOTHER: "TO BE A WOMAN" is one of the most unique mother daughter songs.  Perfect for a mutual celebration of your mother daughter relationship, it's also a great tribute to your mother. What better her to honor her at your wedding?
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When I was very little
My favorite game to play
Was to dress up in your pretty clothes
To be like you in every way

Were you my special guardian angel
When growing up was hard to do?
Youd kiss away my tears
Help me face my fears
I learned what courage is about
Because of you

All that I am and hope to be
All of my dreams I could always see
In your eyes ever shining through
Im blessed cause I learned from you
What it means to be a woman

You were my rock and my foundation
The light that led the way
And your little girl is a woman now
Growing stronger every day

You have a special way of seeing
From a mothers point of view
All thats deep inside of me
You inspired me to see
My wildest dreams are made for coming true


Now Ive found love and Im loved in return
And so grateful to you for every lesson Ive learned


©2003 MusiConcepts ® All rights reserved


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When I Needed You Most

Celebrating a unique relationship of love and a tribute to a stepparent, mentor, or other special person in your life (even each other for a first dance tribute) on your wedding day. (Vocals: Kimaya Steward) Featured on CD1 "Set Your Wedding to Music" & Featured on CD3 ...
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They say miracles don't happen every day
But in my heart I know that isn't true
There are blessings that are more than merely miracles
And every day... in every way
That blessing is you

You stepped into my life
When I needed you most
Growing so close
You shared my tears and my laughter
You opened my eyes
To the kind of love you give
And your love will live
In my heart forever after

There are heroes in this world who go unsung
Yet they touch so many lives along their way
With no spotlight no applause... they're like shining stars
And every day... in every way
You're my hero


Life isn't always easy
But you've never turned away
And deep inside I know
I'll always bless the day...


© 2006 MusiConcepts ® All rights reserved


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