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Ceremony Music

Bridal Chorus (Here Comes the Bride)

From "Lohengrin" (Wagner) Featured on CD1 "Set Your Wedding to Music" & Featured on CD2 "For Your Wedding Ceremony"
Con Te Partiro (Instrumental)

A lush instrumental of the song made famous by Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman. Exquisite!
Here She Comes

'The dream of a lifetime come true... each step brings her closer; closer to love and to you.' Wow! Those words really resonate with couples. It's so refreshing to hear a pop song like this as the bride makes her grand entrance.
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By Gloria Sklerov & Barbara Rothstein

(Here she comes...)
What a breathtaking sight
As she walks down the aisle to your side
A vision of love
All eyes on the beautiful bride

You can see forever written on her face
Destiny has brought you to this time and place


Here she comes
This is the moment
The dream of a lifetime comes true
Each step brings her closer
Closer to love and to you
Here she comes

All through your life
There are moments you'll never forget
You'll remember her smile
The light in her eyes when you met

Love will tell the story; the greatest ever told
Always there for each other to have and to hold



© 2009 MusiConcepts; All Rights Reserved


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It Will Always Be You

Your heart will skip a beat when you picture yourself walking down the aisle to this hauntingly beautiful new wedding song. It's more than perfect for an outstanding, unique wedding processional or unity candle song. Written and performed by hit writers Montell Jordan ("This is How We Do It") and ...
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Hey there, Beautiful
Walkin' down the aisle, come stand next to me
I still can't believe
Heaven let you go
Now here you are with me
Though you took a man who was falling apart
Somehow you became
The missing piece of my heart


It will always be you
For rich or for poor
I will always be true
To the one I adore
It will always be you
Can't imagine life without you
Say "I do"

Every step I take
Brings me closer to the place where I belong
We came from separate worlds
They said it wouldn't last
But oh we proved them wrong
I was just a girl who thought that love passed her by
Now you've given me
The greatest day of my life


I do... I do...
Nothing ever felt so right
I do... I do...
Love you for the rest of my life


©2008 Montell Jordan, Lindy Robbins; ® All rights reserved


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When She Walks

This song really captures the breathtaking feeling of watching a bride walk down the aisle at the height of her loveliness. As you listen to it, imagine yourself walking on a cloud, floating down the aisle to join the love of your life.
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Turn around
There's an angel in the aisle
With her smile
Every step she takes brings her closer to me
Isn't she, isn't she, isn't she
The most beautiful bride in the world


When she walks
She takes your breath away
When she walks
She takes all my fears away
When she walks
The hills and the clouds stand still
When she walks
The journey together begins... begins

In her gown
Memories of thousands of lovely places
Look at her now
Fulfilling her dreams and love's aspirations
Isn't she, isn't she, Isn't she
The most beautiful bride in the world


Look at her now
Look at her now
Look at her now...

©2008 Chase McMorrough; ® All rights reserved


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