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DJ for all occasions out of Fort Wayne IN for more than 20 years. We have had many requests for “The Man You’ve Become”. Thank you for having the one song that seems to have grabbed all the mothers of the grooms.
Summit City DJs Nathaniel Jehl

What a wonderful site this is!!!The PERFECT songs for our wedding!!!!! The wedding is in Kansas City. We are all very excited about your CD and anxious to hear the complete songs. Thank you sooo much for recording such wonderful songs.
Donald Montgomery

Have used your service before. Very impressed with the quality of the music and service you provide. I have referred many couples to this site when they are looking for more of the unique music that makes a reception memorable. Thank you for all your efforts.
Gerry Gagne, Your Way DJ 

I bought 3 CDs from you for a wedding we did a few months back. They wanted the song “Your Mine & Ours” as their first dance. They loved the song. I am now a happy owner of these CDs and use them all the time at events. What a blessing to find a company that writes original music and also adds a contemporary flair to traditional songs. I have been telling all the DJs in the area when they ask for suggestions for new music. God Bless
Michael T co-owner Living Sounds Mobile DJ

This music is so beautiful…I have a family of musicians so I have to have top notch music and I have found it here. Amanda Pirtie Have been looking for the perfect CD collection for my beach wedding. I have “finally” found it! Perfect CD’s for any type of wedding. My wedding date is June 14.
Victoria Harrison

God bless you all. We received our music today and it is wonderful and our lives begin Saturday April 2nd and it will be so much better now with this wonderful CD. Thanks again
Ted Butler

Thank you for offering such great music. My fiancé and I thought we had it all covered but we listened to your selections and I changed our minds. Your CDs are perfect.
Best regards, Robert Terry (frantic groom)

I love this website. It has been a lifesaver! I found the music I wanted and I loved being able to sample it Thank you for helping make my wedding the best day of my life.
Susan G

I must say I was rather irritated when I arrived at your website because a bride was insisting that I purchase your CDs because even though I already have almost every song she was interested in she wanted your versions. After purchasing your CDs I surfed around and read most of your advice columns and now feel that just discovering your website, even without the CDs, is worth every cent I spent. This is a FANTASTIC resource for anyone planning a wedding, and as an experienced professional DJ/Musician I agree 99.9% with everything you say. I will gladly post links to your site on my own, and advise all my potential clients to read your columns both before making their entertainment decisions and throughout their event planning process.
Flip Ferrari

I just received my CD this week and I fell in love with just about every song! I cried hysterically with “My Little Girl” and :”You’re My Hero”, I felt so silly but the words are amazing and I can’t seem to chose which song I like better. I am even considering using “Yours Mine and Ours” as my first dance song. I love every single song on this CD and I would recommend it to anyone. Thank you for writing the words that I could never say.
Camilla Miller

Hello! I am so impressed by your site, advice, quidance and music selection! I plan on dlownloading various songs to make my own CD. I’m very happy I found your site! I think I may utilize the reception unity candle lighting idea- that is so darn neat! My sister is getting married in March and I am her maid of honor and wedding planner – crazy, I knowl But whe will trust me with the music selection – wow, I’m so happy I found your site!
Thanks, Ashley

Let me start off by saying this is one of the most thorough websites I have ever seen. I came across your site via a link in the forums and I am totally impressed. Your philosophy on coordination is exactly what we try to imply to all our clients. Once our new website is up and running with the adding of a lot of new wedding info, we would love to be an affiliate of yours. In the meantime I will be sending all our potential clients to your site as a starting point. We wish you the best of luck.
Chaz .musicmankaraoke

I just wanted to give you an update that my project was a smashing success!! The music made such an impression. My mom has called me in the days to follow telling me how she has watched it over and over and listened tomy song and really was touched by the words. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your assistance in making this happen.
Susie Henderson

Have been looking for the perfect CD collection for my beach wedding! I have ‘finally’ found it! Perfect CDS for any type of wedding!! Victoria Harrison I love your CDs. I think the “tour of your wedding” is great for those of us who lack imagination. Thanks. I ordered Cd1 and am thinking of going back and getting CD2 also – my daughter’s wedding is in September.
Ann Fisher