In Your Eyes


When I look back on my childhood days
I feel so blessed in so many ways
You gave your love with every smile
with every touch
Somehow I knew that you believed in me so much

In your eyes I’d see
A special love for me
In your heart, the trust, you gave so easily
All that you inspired
Kept me reaching higher
In your eyes I’d see
The man I was meant to be

A dream came true when she said I do
You smiled at her - it was then I knew
That your blessing will be ours for all our lives
Your faith in us is shining in your eyes

And in your eyes I see
That special love for me
In your heart the trust, you give so easily
All that you inspire
Keeps me reaching higher
In your eyes I see
The man I was meant to be

You gave me roots that run so deep
You gave me wings to fly
I’ve never thanked you half enough
As the years went flying by…


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"In Your Eyes"


FROM A SON TO HIS MOTHER -one of our most special Mother Son Songs

Here's a great way to say ‘thank you’ for the many qualities your mother has brought to your life.  This is the perfect day, the perfect moment to pay her a special tribute with one of our Mother Son Songs. “IN YOUR EYES” is a natural for your special mother son dance because it’s that  one of a kind mother son songs that says so much in a simple honest way.  We hope it's the perfect songs of all mother son songs for your special dance.

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In Your Eyes