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To Be A Woman

FROM A DAUGHTER TO HER MOTHER: "TO BE A WOMAN" is one of the most unique mother daughter songs.  Perfect for a mutual celebration of your mother daughter relationship, it's also a great tribute to your mother. What better her to honor her at your wedding?
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When I was very little
My favorite game to play
Was to dress up in your pretty clothes
To be like you in every way

Were you my special guardian angel
When growing up was hard to do?
Youd kiss away my tears
Help me face my fears
I learned what courage is about
Because of you

All that I am and hope to be
All of my dreams I could always see
In your eyes ever shining through
Im blessed cause I learned from you
What it means to be a woman

You were my rock and my foundation
The light that led the way
And your little girl is a woman now
Growing stronger every day

You have a special way of seeing
From a mothers point of view
All thats deep inside of me
You inspired me to see
My wildest dreams are made for coming true


Now Ive found love and Im loved in return
And so grateful to you for every lesson Ive learned


©2003 MusiConcepts ® All rights reserved


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