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Every Mother's Dream (Graduation)

FROM A MOTHER TO HER DAUGHTER -A rare mother daughter song that captures what every mother would like her daughter to know on her graduation day. This heartfelt mother daughter song is a great way to let your daughter know, on this special day, that she's Every Mother's Dream. ...
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It's every mother's dream
To have a little girl
And the moment I first held you
All was right with my world

From teddy bears to Barbie dolls
Skinned knees to sweet sixteen
You've always been my girl
Through ups and downs and in between

Now here you are...
A vision of the dream that's coming true
Here you are...
A woman, still the little girl I knew
And as the years all come and go
I pray that you'll be blessed to know
How much it means
To have a daughter just like you...

You're every mother's dream

It's every mother's dream
To know her daughter's found her way
I could never count the wishes
That I've made for you each day

The first time that you smiled for me
I saw your special light
I always knew you'd make me proud
And darling I was right


© 2006 MusiConcepts. ® All rights reserved.


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It Happens In A Heartbeat (Graduation)

From a Mother to her Son - 

Only yesterday he was that little guy in first grade! "IT HAPPENS IN A HEARTBEAT," one of our newest mother son songs and written especially for this mother son moment, Graduation Day, will feel like it's 'yours'.  From Award-winning writers.
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It was your first day of school not long ago
I held back all the tears I didn't wanna show
Some moments live forever
I still see you there at play
Those imagined trips on little rocket ships
Seem like only yesterday

It happens in a heartbeat, the boy becomes a man
All I did was turn around and let go of your hand
And here you are
Everything a man is meant to be
All I ever dreamed of, smiling back at me

There are feelings only mothers ever know
Like the secret pride I felt through all the years I watched you grow
And now we're at this moment
The future knocking at your door
I hope you see what's so clear to me
That the whole wide world is yours


And here you are
On your way to all you're meant to be
All that I could dream of....
All that I could dream of.....smiling back at me

Written by Gloria Sklerov & Barbara Rothstein
Vocals sung by Teresa James

© 2011 MusiConcepts ® All rights reserved


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