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Angel In My Arms (Sweet 16 Version)

One of our Newest Father Daughter Songs- "THE ANGEL IN MY ARMS" (Sweet 16 Version) - From a Father to His Daughter.  

Of all the dances you'll ever dance, the father daughter dance might just be the most moving. As you listen to one of our new ...
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Once in every lifetime a moment comes along
That takes your breath away 'n all too soon it's gone
But the memory of the sweetness, the joy this moment brings
Will stay with me forever as I watch you spread your wings

There's an angel in my arms and soon she'll fly away
But I know that time cannot erase the way I feel today
No matter where you go you'll always be with me
The angel who's dancing on her Sweet Sixteen with me

When you were very little I could always see
The light that makes you special; the woman you will be
Tonight your eyes are shining, I see that special glow
I wish that I could tell you all my heart wants you to know


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