Have The Perfect Outdoor Wedding By Avoiding These Acoustical Wedding Music Mistakes

Picture this scenario. You’re the bride to be at an outdoor wedding held on a yacht in the afternoon. The weather is absolutely perfect and the light breeze is consistently flowing. The acoustic band, consisting of two guitarists and a flutist are all set, ready to play. Everyone is basking in the momentous sunlight, waiting for your marvelous grand entrance down the aisle.

Sounds almost perfect, right? What could possibly go wrong? Well, the music can be completely drowned out by the relentless droning of the ship’s engines in order to keep the air running. The guests could barely hear the ceremony. As a result, you never knew when to walk down the aisle because you couldn’t even hear the music signaling your entrance! This scenario = yikes!

Believe it or not, this is a true story. It’s hard to believe how much planning and organizing went into this extremely unlucky affair, down to the last detail – except for the acoustics! This is why it is SO important to test out your acoustics before the wedding and to understand potential mishaps that come along with particular outdoor locations.

While the crashing of the waves and the ocean breeze will make for a luscious romantic setting, do keep in mind that the sounds might interfere with the music. Unless you have a small, intimate group of 20-30 people who will actually be close enough to hear the music, the sounds of an acoustic guitar will more than likely be lost. The quiet waters of a lake would be easier to deal with acoustically and would still provide the natural romance you are looking for. There are usually many hotels and inns that have beautiful gardens beside small lakes that are ideal for a romantic wedding.

Keep in mind, outdoor settings can be very difficult acoustically. Live microphones can pick up the slightest sound and amplify it so that if a strong wind starts blowing, the sound will come roaring through the speakers, not only drowning out the music and the words of the ceremony, but destroying the ambiance you have so lovingly planned.

Once you’ve identified the acoustical problems of a location, you can usually overcome them by planning accordingly and being prepared in advance. Make sure to discuss them thoroughly with those that will be involved with the sound and equipment. This is not to discourage you from having acoustical music at your wedding. We agree that the acoustic sound is incredibly beautiful and romantic when successfully done. Just keep in mind the potential downfalls to ensure that your wedding turns out beautifully!

For more tips on your outdoor wedding, check out our article, “The 4 Fundamental Weather Considerations For Your Outdoor Wedding!.”

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  1. Posted February 27, 2011 at 3:13 pm | Permalink

    Wow, this type of wedding is very romantic. I have been dreaming a wedding like this for so many years before i got married ordinarily.

  2. Posted March 4, 2011 at 4:20 pm | Permalink

    Yes, romantic is great, thank you for your comment!

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