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Looking For A Unique Way To Express Your Appreciation For Mom This Mother’s Day? (+ Special 40% Discount!)

Can a daughter ever have too much gratitude for her mother? We don’t think so. Of course, growing up, there were probably times when you didn’t realize all your mom had done for you, or even gone through for you. And then there were those times you really didn’t appreciate, like being grounded or being […]

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This Season, Give the Gift of Song – The Gift That Keeps On Loving! (*Exclusive Holiday Discount!)

It’s that time of year again! Tis’ the season to soak in the pine-infused scent of a fresh picked Christmas tree, feel the comfortable warmth of a fireplace and lighting up the room with decorations. The holiday season is about sharing all of these moments with family and friends together. There’s nothing more heart-warming than […]

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6 Special Ways to Honor Your Mom at your Wedding. Which is your Favorite?

  1. Walk down the aisle (the recessional) to the same song as your mother did. A really nice idea is to walk down the aisle to the same song your mother and father played for their wedding. This is a terrific tribute to both parents.   2. Give a rose to your mother and […]

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Mother’s Day – A Day for Gratitude

Can we ever really have enough gratitude for our mothers? Let’s face it, it takes years to be grateful for some of the lessons in our life. Like the times we were grounded, or deprived of TV or not allowed to go to a sleep-over and it felt like the end of the world.   […]

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